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*Some photos show optional Carbon Turbo Tube.
Fitment: Mercedes A35 AMG, CLA35 AMG, A250, CLA250
Performance Increase : 15-20hp, 15-18ft-lb

The Mercedes A35 AMG Eventuri intake has been developed to provide the turbo with a less restrictive flow path whilst maintaining low inlet temperatures. Reducing heat soak and increasing internal volume are the main considerations when designing an intake for turbocharged engines. In the A35, the intake system is in close proximity to the exhaust manifold which rapidly heat soaks the engine bay. High temperatures are detrimental for engine performance as the turbo would have to build boost with heated, less dense air and so the only way to ensure IAT’s are kept to a minimum is for a fully sealed intake. In order to reduce the restriction from a sealed intake we have increased the volume of the airbox by relocating the ECU and also allowing an opening in the airbox on the cold side which is away from the direct heat of the manifold. The carbon inlet tube is larger in internal volume with a starting internal diameter of 111mm (4.4″) smoothly tapering down to match the turbo inlet pipe. Finally we use a custom made high-flow dry filter which is ISO tested for filtration performance and has a larger filtration area than the stock filter.

Dyno testing was carried out by MSL Performance who are a Mercedes specialist based in the UK. A fully standard A35 AMG was tested with the stock airbox and then with the Eventuri intake back to back whilst ensuring external conditions were the same. As can be seen below the intake provides a gain in performance throughout the RPM range. The highlighted point shows a significant gain of power where the intake allows a higher flow rate to be maintained in the higher RPM range where the stock airbox starts to become a restriction. The resulting gains are noticeable on the road with better throttle response and improved acceleration times. With a tuned A35 we would expect even better gains as the demand from the turbo increases.

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