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Powerflex Front Anti Roll Bar Bush 22mm PFF50-503-22BLK

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Hot French Superminis have become somewhat of a staple across Europe, creating a benchmark for affordable, fun, and sporty handling. Naturally, years of spirited driving and high mileage take their toll and the suspension hardware and bushes tire with the perishable rubber materials softening faster than the car's young curb appeal. To combat this, we have added Front Anti Roll Bar Bushes to our existing range for popular models. Check Anti-Roll Bar size and location before ordering. Made using ourBlack 95 Shore Amaterial with a knurled bore for improved grease retention, you can expect restored freshness to the handling through reduced body roll and improved function of the anti-roll bar, ideal for those wanting a no-compromise track option.For further product news and info about our sponsored drivers and championships why not follow us and share our news onFacebook,Twitter, andInstagram.

Dimensioni: 22

Numero di pezzi nella confezione:2

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