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Powerflex Front Upper Wishbone Bush Camber Adjustable PFF85-1604G

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Spacious, modern and comfortable are all words often used to describe theVW Touareg.But who would have thought that with an increasing appetite for past-times such as off-roading and 'Green-Laning' that this VW flagship would be starting to see more dirt than one would usually expect of a luxury SUV?With this, it has created a demand for products that raise the suspension such as those offered by our friends atForge OverlandandDarkside Developments.However, with no current provisions for camber adjustability on the upper wishbone, and a little on the lower wishbones, lifting a vehicle can play havoc with the camber settings resulting in a positive camber figureMade with ourBlack 95APolyurethaneand supplied with an in-house CNC machined adjustable sleeve and adjusting spanner, we are now able to provide+/- 0.6 degrees of on-car camberadjustment, allowing for your suspension to be tuned to counteract the effect of the increased ride height.This product isn't just for off-road vehicles, however. It is well documented that regular road vehicles suffer terrible tyre wear issues with some owners getting as little as 8 to 10,000 miles from a set of front tyres.Our polyurethane technology guarantees improved performance and longevity over the OE rubber bushes and with an impressive31% increase in stiffness, they provide a tighter and more responsive ride, whilst prolonging tyre life.


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