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Powerflex Lower Torque Mount Large Bush Insert (Tuned/Track) PFF85-1922P

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Fitting this new insert reduces engine movement caused by the torque reaction of the engine during acceleration and deceleration. Gains can be seen in power transfer to the road along with less stress on the exhaust downpipe, hoses, and wiring. A small increase in NVH usually at idle should be expected when fitting an engine/transmission mount insert because you are effectively removing the original voiding and stiffening the mount between the engine/transmission and chassis. The performance benefits felt by fitting an uprated mount or insert come from blocking this voiding up, thus restricting engine movement. PFF85-1922 only fits 2015-on 1.0 MPI and 1.0 TSI and GTI models with the post-facelift mount (see below), check which mount is fitted before ordering


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