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Powerflex Lower Torque Mount, Track Use PFF5-220BLK

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Designed to replace the softer rubber voided OE mount that is prone to cracking, allowing for excessive engine movement and wheel hop, PFF5-220BLK Lower Torque Mount Bracket & Bush (Black 95A) is a huge 500% stiffer than OE and available in our Black Series for hard Track and Motorsport use.Combining a CNC machined aluminium lower torque mount with various durometer bush options to suit differing states of tune, it's a great way of reducing engine movement for morebalanced on/off throttle handling while improvinggear shifting precision. It's also super easy to replace - just two bolts and it's out with the old, in with the new and no pressing out of any rubber!A small increase inNVH, usually at idle, should be expected when stiffening the connecting mount between the engine/transmission and chassis. The harder the material used, the greater the NVH transmitted. Load v.s displacement graph showing Powerflex PFF5-220BLK is 500% stiffer than the original rubber mount.CNC machined and anodised 6082-T6 Aluminium bracket.Unique dual compound design to balance performance to limit engine movement with minimal impact on NVH.With three different options of varying stiffness, you can choose between our stiffest Black Series and our softer Fast Roads Series.PFF5-220 replaces both shapes of OE bracket to cover OE numbers22116783094,22114052474 &22116772040.Soft rubber in voided OE mount is prone to cracking, allowing for excessive engine movement and wheel hop.


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