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Powerflex Front Wishbone Front Bush Camber Adjustable PFF19-1101GBLK

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PFF19-1101G Front Wishbone Front Bush Camber Adjustable is made in our stiffest Black 95A material, reducing lateral movement of the wishbone under load and by way of the machined stainless steel sleeve and supplied spanner, it allows for up to +/- 0.5 of camber adjustment to fine-tune the setup for road or track use. The Mk6 Ford Fiesta ST150 continues to be a popular choice among young drivers and track-dayers alike, and with it's 2.0L engine and sporty handling, it's not difficult to see why. Powerflex's products perfectly complement the sporty spirit of the Mk6 ST, and with PFF19-1101G, we have combined precision CNC-machined stainless steel with our signature Polyurethane materials to provide a more engaging and long-lasting driving experience.Our adjustable front wishbone front bush provides +/- 0.5 adjustment in camber to give you more control over your wheel alignment, letting you dial-in exactly the spec you need to perfect your build; be it for cruising the streets or clipping the apexes. The hexagonal head of the makes adjustment an easy job with the supplied spanner, and a knurled face ensures your camber is locked in tight once you've got it spot on.As well as a improvement in suspension geometry for sports and performance driving, the PFF19-1101G bush uses our Black 95A Polyurethane to reduce lateral slop in the wishbone under corner loads, whilst allowing for free articulation.Along with PFF19-1101G, we also makePFF19-1102G - Front Wishbone Rear Bush With Caster Increase; combine them together to activate highly tuneable front axle geometry, so you can dial-in your handling perfectly for your setup.


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