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Powerflex Front Wishbone Rear Bush Caster Offset PFF19-1102G

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PFF19-1102G Front Wishbone Rear Bush Caster Offset is a CNC-machined Aluminium mount with an 80A durometer polyurethane bush providing approx. 1 of caster offset to improve in-corner camber gain without compromising straight-line traction as proven and tested on road and track. The Mk6 Ford Fiesta ST150 continues to be a popular choice among young drivers and track-dayers alike, and with it's 2.0L engine and sporty handling, it's not difficult to see why. Powerflex's products perfectly complementthe sporty spirit of the Mk6 ST, and with PFF19-1102G, we have combined a precision CNC-machined Aluminium bracket with our signature Polyurethane materials to provide an even more engaging driving experience.Our custom-geometry front wishbone bracket provides 1 increase in caster to sharpen up turn-in characteristics and dynamic camber, giving the front-end of your Fiesta a boost in responsiveness and improving mid-corner grip, without compromising straight line acceleration or tyre wear.As well as a improvement in suspension geometry for sports and performance driving, the PFF19-1102G bracket uses our signature Polyurethane to reduce slop in the wishbone during acceleration and braking, with the Purple 80A Road Series bush being 35% stiffer than the OE rubber bush, and the 95A Black Series being a huge 80% stiffer.Along with PFF19-1102G, we also makePFF19-1101G - Front Wishbone Front Bush With Camber Adjustment; combine them together to activate highly tuneable front axle geometry, so you can dial-in your handling perfectly for your build.


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