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Powerflex Lower Torque Mount Bush - Diesel PFF26-120R

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PFF26-120 replaces the original rubber bush for increased engine stability under acceleration and boosts the torque reaction of the mount for improved acceleration response. With virtually no increase in NVH, reduced wheel hop and a more direct transition of power to the road, it is suitable for standard and mildly tuned diesel vehicles. To suit the variable requirements of the i30N driver, our new part is available in three different ratings of shore hardness to balance performance requirements. Whilst an increase in material stiffness will reduce engine movement, additional noise and vibration may be felt. Yellow Shore A 70is an upgraded replacement for the original bush, recommended for fast road usePurple Shore A 80is a stiffer material to suit higher powered cars that may be used on the track Black Shore A 95is our Black Series part for extreme Track and Motorsport applications for ultimate engine stabilityGraph showing Load vs Displacement of each of our materials compared with the original, rubber bush


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